Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recommended Pond Stocking Rates for New or Rehabilitated Ponds

There is a difference in stocking a new pond and restocking an existing pond.  Both of these lists pertain to ponds with no fish population.  The differences here are whether or not you plan on feeding the fish.  These are the basic recommended stocking rates

New or Rehabilitated ponds or lakes with no fish population:  Recommended stocking rates for a one acre pond if you DO NOT plan to feed your fish:  We recommend using the Department of Conservation’s guidelines. Stocking rates are based on soil fertility.
  • Normally, all counties north of the Missouri River, plus the Bootheel, receive 100 bass, 500 bluegill and 100 channel catfish per acre.  
  • Counties located south of the Missouri River (in the Ozarks region) usually are stocked at a 50% rate, 50 bass, 250 bluegill and 50 catfish.  
  • A few counties have a 75% option, 75 bass, 375 bluegill and 50 catfish. They are Barry, Benton, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Cedar, Christian, Cole, Cooper, Dade, Dallas, Gasconade, Green, Henry, Hickory, Jefferson, Lawrence, McDonald, Moniteau, Newton, Osage, Perry, Polk, St. Clair and Webster.
Recommended stocking rates for a one acre pond if you DO plan to feed your fish:
  • Channel Catfish 200-500
  • Hybrid Bluegill (when not stocking bass) 500
  • *Bluegill 250-500
  • Bluegill/Hybrid Bluegill Combination: 70%
  • Bluegill 175-305 30% Hybrid 75-150
  • Fathead Minnow (to establish forage base) 5-10 pounds
  • *Largemouth bass (recommend stocking in fall) 50-100
  • *Bluegill & bass stocking rates are the same whether or not you feed your catfish.

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